dimanche 28 septembre 2014

Music Review | In a Perfect World by Kodaline

Lately I’ve been loving Kodaline's album : In a Perfect World.
This is such an amazing album, I absoluetly love the lyrics. When I feel a bit down, I intantly put this album on, I feel like I can identify myself to those lyrics even if my problem is not about love and that sort of things.
I knew them for a certain amount of time now because me and my friends used to love the song Way Back When.
I've rediscovered them after the fault in our stars album came out because there is one of their song in there.

I feel like I need to give you the names of the songs:
One day
All I want
Love Like This
High Hopes
Brand New Day
After The Fall
Big Bad World
All Comes Down
Talk ( absolutely love this one )
Way Back When

- Bisous xx -

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