dimanche 27 juillet 2014

Two days without electronics.

Before the start of my holidays I’ve decided to make a to-do list of what I wanted to achieve during my holidays.
And on my list I wrote : Spend two days without electronics.
So on Wednesday I've decided it was time for me to achieve this scary task, and guys don't get me wrong, I know some people can live without all those stuffs (phone, laptop, internet) very easily, but believe me or not I’m addicted, I spend my day on all those things, I'm always watching videos or listening to music on YouTube, reading blogs, texting my friends, snapchatting, so for me it's a BIG deal.

And I can admit for the first two hours it was a bit difficult for me but then I've started doing things and didn't even though of internet for one minute.
And I've realized how much we were missing by spending our days on our phones and stuff. I've done so many things.

I've read a book, which I only do at nights because I'm lazy (taking a book and open it is a a bit of effort for me. Haha). And it was actually amazing.

Then I went in my garden, looked at the birds, climbed in the trees (Yes I actually do that - Adventurous Vanille - ). It was fun.

I've spent a bit of family time after that, we talked, laughed. We ate diner and finally I went to bed because I was quite tired because the day before I went to a friend's place.

The day after I woke up late in the morning at 10.30am (Oupssy). And my dad told me we were going to my grand-parents bungalow, luckily enough it's on the beach!!! ( but I live on a island so there is beach pretty much everywhere).
I have to say it's not the beautifulest beach, and it's nothing compare to

California's beach or places like that. But it's quite cool. So I’ve spend hours on the beach, just listening to the waves kissing the sand.

Then I met a new friend of mine. And don't actually know his name, so his name of the day was Ben. One of the cutest dog I’ve ever met!!!

Then again it was time to eat (It's always time to eat isn't it?)
After that it was beach time again.

And last but not least I've spend my whole night watching the sky.

These two days made me think of how many things we miss by always looking at electronics. It made me feel fully alive, and I swear it's an incredible feeling. I think everyone should give it a go, no matter what age you are.

Bisous xx

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